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Avoid These Five Things in a Skin Care Cream

Skin Care Cream

While several companies scalper the advantages of Skin Care Cream, not many can provide one that heals and nourishes your skin. The opposite, in fact, turn out to be true. Quite a few skincare creams have banned ingredients in most countries due to their harmful and dangerous properties.

To benefit your skin to the core, you require more than a skin care moisturizer cream along with an eyebrow razor electric. You cannot simply moisturize the skin. You also need to nourish and feed it by giving nutrients both topically and internally. Even that is not enough, why would you simply give it with nutrients if you are simultaneously applying harsh ingredients and chemicals that kill and suffocate your skin?

Then the answer is in knowing which ingredients should be in your skin care cream and which ones should never be applied to your skin. Your skin is crucial as an organ, and thus your skin care cream must be all-natural and contain ingredients for nourishment of your skin as well as moisturize it.

Ingredients that Should Be Taken Away from Your Skin

While heavy metals and toxins present in the environment can be a major cause of several skin disorders, these can typically be cleared up through a cleansing program. However, some skin care issues are not due to health issues, bad diet, or environmental sources. A few skin care problems are caused by the wrong application of ineffective skin care creams that contain harmful ingredients in the longer run.

Being aware of the above ingredients can help you in choosing a skin care moisturizer cream that can effectively improve your skins’ appearance. Here are some ingredients that must be avoided in any skin care or moisturizer cream.

Mineral Oil –


In simple words, mineral oil is an odorless and colorless petrolatum derivative. When mineral oils are used in cosmetics, it is highly purified and refined. Therefore it does not have the contaminants, which unrefined petroleum has been renowned for.

This is a byproduct of the petroleum industry. It is just the fancy way saying hydrogenated gasoline. Have you observed the labels on a gas pump? Avoid inhaling fumes, which can cause birth defects and cancer. And today, people are applying petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin wax are the other fancy names as if it is the recent skin care miracle. The truth is it is like wrapping your skin in plastic. 

A moisturizer cream must allow your skin to breathe. Ingredients such as mineral oil only suffocate skin cells and clog your pores. It is banned in Europe too.

Dioxane –

This is a synthetic derivative of coconut. This carcinogenic chemical is used in skin care cream manufacturing. It can kill your skin and lead to cancer. People pay good money to slather it on.

Fragrances –

If products smell nice, they automatically give a feel-good factor. However, a few synthetic perfumes have chemicals like PBA’s known for causing disease. Fragrances are usually petroleum-based and can cause dizziness, rashes, respiratory problems, vomiting, skin irritation, and multiple skin problems. If you are looking for a skin care cream to make you smell nice, look elsewhere. 

Many scents and preservatives enhancers found in fragrances are renowned for causing reproductive problems, birth defects, and cancers.

Parabens –

Irrespective of what prefix you use on this ingredient, every paraben is bad. They might make the moisturizers last on the shelves indefinitely; however, they do the opposite to your skin. They also interrupt the body’s hormonal balance and negatively affect the brain and the adrenal system.

Alcohols –

Alcohol alongside skin care moisturizer cream should not be used in the same sentence. Alcohol removes moisture from the skin. They remove moisture as well as are even safe. You must avoid ethyl, methanol, ethanol, benzyl, and isopropyl alcohol. These are mostly derived from gasoline or fuel source gases. 

If you avoid exposing yourself to inhaling natural gas and gasoline, then why would you need it in skincare creams? They take away the skins’ natural defenses and expose them to infections and diseases.

Avoidable Ingredients Found in Skin Care Cream

As you search for a quality skin care cream, you will go through many other ingredients that you should avoid. Some of the ingredients include Aluminum, formaldehyde, animal fat (sodium tallowate), bentonite, butane, collagen, sodium laurel sulfate, TEA, DEA, MEA, dioxins, fluorocarbons, Glycerin, and much, much more. 

Yes! These are the ingredients that can be found in skin care creams.

Last Word

Make no mistake about it. The impacts of a low-quality skincare cream or moisturizer can be worse than no cream at all. On the other end, a skincare cream manufactured by the best private label skincare manufacturers with effectiveness and safety in mind can be the start of a new life for your skin.

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