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Labrador Retrievers or simply Labradors are America’s most favorite dogs. it ranked first for 30 consecutive years as the most popular dog according to the American kennel club AKC and it’s not hard to see why Labrador Retrievers are loving easy-going and energetic dogs? who can easily learn tricks and commands? they can snuggle with you on the couch or play with kids on the field. 

Labrador Retrievers

Labradors have an extreme love for water

1. Labradors have an extreme love for water Labradors love water. so much that their owners think their dogs were made for it. they have webbed feet that allow them to swim fast. their thick tail or sometimes called the outer tail serves as a powerful rudder. their thick water repellent coat protects their body temperature from the cold water just like the icy Newfoundland waters. where they originated they were originally used by fishermen to bring in nets pull ropes and retrieve escaped fish because of their love for water Labradors make excellent competitors in dock diving trials.

2. Labradors are not from Labradors

Labradors are not from Labradors contrary to their name Labrador retrievers did not come from Labradors. Canada instead they were first bred on the island of new found land in that place local water.

dogs were mixed with Newfoundland dog breeds the result is the saint john’s water dog an extinct black dog with white markings on its face. these dogs are the ancestors of Labradors. they were crossed and refined. which resulted in the Labrador that we know today.

3. English and American Labradors

English and American Labrador Retrievers are the same although Labradors can come in different body shapes there’s only one breed of Labradors their body shape varies mainly because of their purpose an English Labrador also called show Labradors to have heavier bones wider skulls and stockier build.

They also have shorter muzzles and thick Tails on the other hand the American Labrador also called field Labradors have longer legs and muscles and an athletic body when compared they both look like different breeds although they are considered as dogs of the same breed

4. labradors almost went extinct

labradors almost went extinct one thing you may not know about this breed is that they nearly disappeared. this is because the Newfoundland, government wanted their people to raise sheep.

They limit every family to one dog per household moreover dog owners had to pay tax to make things worse. the government implemented a higher tax on female dogs. which made people get rid of female puppies from litter in the 1880s labradors were almost gone in Canada unfortunately for st john’s water dog the law resulted in their extinction in the 1980s in England. the labradors were kept as hunting and family dogs in 1903 the kennel club recognized the breed while in 1994 the AKC officially recognized labrador retrievers as well.

5. labradors are popularly used as guide dogs

labradors are popularly used as guide dogs according to guide dogs of America their breed ratio is 70 labrador retrievers 15 german shepherds and 15 golden. retrievers labradors are the most commonly used dog for guide Services mainly because their strong egret is to please people, in addition, their size is perfect for being guide dogs not to mention that they can easily just to various situations and can easily learn the commands.

They’re taught not only that but labradors also make excellent search and rescue dogs because of their high pain threshold. however it also means that it’s hard to determine if they’re in pain moreover the labrador’s keen sense of smell allows them to detect nuanced blood disorders in fact, Armstrong labrador was the first dog to detect diabetic episodes according to to to the Guinness world records.

6. labradors can hold things well

labradors can hold things well through their mouth labradors are excellent retrievers. they were used to gently picking up games shot by their owners they need to pick it up very carefully. so as not to damage the meat, however, this trait goes back much further. when they’re still used for various daily tasks because of their history as retrievers you may notice labradors gently grabbing. your arms as a way to hold you. They have such great control over the strength of their mouth. That they can pick up an egg using their mouth and carry it without the egg breaking.

7. The labrador’s color does not define

The labrador’s color does not define their character some people say that yellow Labrador Retrievers are lazier than other colors others claim. that black-colored Labradors excel at hunting more than the other colors. however, none of these claims are backed up by science just like humans each dog is unique. its ways and it has nothing to do with its color is another amazing thing about Labradors is that. you get all three colors in one litter regardless of their parents color pups can be black chocolate or yellow.

8. Labradors are fast runners Labradors

Labradors are fast runners Labradors are known for their fast speed. they can hit 12 miles per hour in just 3 seconds however they’re known to be escape artists because of this. it is not recommended to keep them off-leash when going out also if you have a yard make sure you have a secure fence. it’s also a good idea to have them microchipped or you can have them wear tags with your address and phone address just to be sure they can be returned to you if they run loose.

9. Labradors are super energetic dogs

Labradors are super energetic dogs although they will happily snuggle with you Labradors were bred to do a lot of work. if you’re not using them for various tasks make sure that they meet their daily exercise requirement through jogging walking running or swimming a dog without proper exercise may develop destructive behavior such as. Chewing excessive barking or even scratching just. they can burn off their energy that being said if you throw that stick expect to do the same thing for hours. because your Labrador will keep on returning it to you.

10. Labrador Retrievers are excellent dog sports competitors

Labradors are excellent dog sports competitors Labradors are intelligent eager to please and obedient dogs. because of this training should be very easy in addition. they are athletic dogs who will surely enjoy participating in dog sports train. your Labrador retriever for doctoring hunting trials agility rally or obedience. they are sure to do well as always training should always start and end positively using positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards praises and lots of play time. this way, they’ll see training sessions as an enjoyable activity never use harsh punishments to train. your dog regardless of the breed screaming hitting or using an angry tone will not bring good instead, it will only lower your dog’s self-confidence.

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it’s also important to keep training short and sweet. if you can it is highly recommended for Labrador Retrievers puppies to attend puppy training and obedience classes. they have huge amounts of energy and proper training and early socialization should keep their energies controlled even in unfamiliar situations in the end. Labrador retrievers are the most versatile dog you could ever have. they can do almost anything from working as service dogs. therapy dogs search and rescue threat detection and of course as valuable family companions provided. 

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