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Based on the provision of the AKC and the UK kennel club two varieties of Chihuahua Dog Breed are captured and they are the smooth coat and the long coat. the breed is well-balanced one graceful like one with the outdoor behavior of a terrier.

Chihuahua Dog Breed , Chiwawa Dog Information

The chihuahua is a tiny dog that possesses a very huge personality as an amusing petite dog it stands among. the oldest breeds of the Americas currently, It is regarded as a national symbol in Mexico do you consider purchasing it. You’ll learn everything about the Chihuahua Dog Breed based on eight topics so you can find out if this dog is best for you.

Chihuahua Origin

origin amongst all the dog breeds available the Chihuahua Dog Breed is known and regarded. Small dog breeds in the world the name it answers is the largest state in the Mexican republic chihuahua. there is a legend and the assumption that these dogs used to live in the wild. its fortune changed during the Toltec civilization as they were captured and later domesticated by the natives.

there are modern reflections of a toy a dog which in the native parlance is called tekichi. they are said to be living in Tula and these representations are now used as decorations for the beautification of towns architecture. the statues as seen today are very similar to what is obtainable in the present-day chihuahua.

Chihuahua Personality

the chihuahua is a good companion dog as it is a very friendly Chihuahua Dog Breed. it is also alert and showcases the terrier-like attribute and characteristics. these attributes include self-importance confidence self-reliance and dependence.

the chihuahua is a breed that can easily be triggered to react because they can be frightened easily. this can get them provoked with the tendency of attacking.

The person provoking them these characteristics make homes where there are infants unsuitable for them very prominently. Chihuahua Dog Breed is a very loyal breed this loyalty is much unalloyed to the person. who are their caregiver and it can lead them to become
overprotective particularly when they’re around other animals or people within their surroundings

Chihuahua Appearance

Which ever way the chihuahua appears the breed is always small of the body this breed grows up to 8 inches. Which is 20 centimeters the chihuahua is so Small dog breeds that it is only the weight that is considered.

Which is expected to be between 4 and six pounds which are two to three kilograms. The skull shaping the head of the dog is apple-shaped with the eyes full round. But it does not protrude out the ears are large and erect it is held upright when the dog is alert.

The smooth coat chihuahua is of soft texture closed and glossy while the long coat breed has a soft texture coat. Which can either be flat or slightly wavy? The color can be of any type which can be solid marked or splashed the tail is carried very high to form either a curve or a semicircle and the tip will point towards the loin.

The region the grooming method for the two varieties of Chihuahua Dog Breed is a little bit different. The smooth coat breed only needs occasional brushing and regular baths. While the long-haired breed should only have its coat brushed at least once a week to avoid any tangles or mats.

Chihuahua Trainability

Chihuahua Dog Breed is very easy to train the way they are trained influences. Their behaviors too but while training them there is a need to introduce positive reinforcement to them. so that they can learn better and faster.

They are very intelligent dogs and if the training is properly handled. Their intelligence will be deemed fit to be extreme a trained chihuahua has the potential to be mouthy. While training they are also driven to go after prey so their training should take that into consideration.

They have the potential to wander around so the training must make them understand how far they should go.

Chihuahua Time investment

The chihuahua like every other dog needs exercise and training most importantly. The need to house train or crate train them doing this can take some time and the owner will need to devote time to them to actualize.

That is the area of exercise the chihuahua is an energized dog for as long as the owner is ready the chihuahua can run and chase any animal all day long. They drop but in order that they do not tire out on hot days, they need monitoring and control the puppies are always in need of going for a walk at very seeming intervals of the day as soon as.

They wake up in the morning they need to walk after every meal. They need one after every nap they need one before they go to bed. They need a walk so taking care of the chihuahua is strenuously time-consuming.

Chihuahua Best Home

Every home can house a chihuahua but the most suitable is one without infants. This is essential so that they will not attack the kids. When they are infuriated. They can be trained and taken care of. When the homeowner is not at home too through the use of crates the chihuahua will do well in families and homes.

That is quiet and has older children the older children will understand how best to interact and treat them. They also have the tendency to thrive well in houses sitting on large expanses of land for the purposes of playing and exercising.

Chihuahua Health

The chihuahua like every other mammal and animal have their own health challenges some of the many ailments. The dog can have is the patellar luxation hypoglycemia pulmonic and heart murmurs besides. That shivering is one of the most common health challenges. The chihuahua faces this phenomenon occurs mainly.

Chihuahua Dog Breed,

When the dog is excited stressed out or cold the life expectancy of a chihuahua is between 14 to 16 years number eight costs to own a chihuahua. It can cost as much as 650 to get one.

The owner will need to shelve almost 200 to feed them the feeding includes raw diet yak bones goat milk and dehydrated meat snacks to own the rare Chihuahua Dog Breed like the merle and the blue chihuahuas.

It can cost as much as ten thousand dollars to give the dog some health procedures and vaccinations like anti-rabies and deworming It usually costs around 75 to 100 so what do you think about the Chihuahua Dog Breed.

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