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7 Best Financial Apps to Streamline your Corporate Finances

Best Financial Apps

A finance department is responsible for the entire cash flow of an organization. They observe all cash outflows and inflows to ensure that the money is received and paid correctly.

Now, why do companies need the best financial apps to streamline their corporate finances?

The reason behind all this is that when a company is growing fast, the number of invoices and documentation increases too. Imagine if your project manager requests you to provide financial reports and their budget regularly; what will happen?

It will first put pressure on the finance team to keep notes on rapid growth! Then it will increase the operational risks and create chaos among the employees. To solve this issue, the company would have to hire more employees, but the problem would still be there.

You must be thinking now if hiring is not the solution, then what is?

For instance, the company may transfer more of its accountability and responsibility to budget managers. These budget managers should work outside of the finance department. 

You may even purchase the best financial apps to explore your options!

Best Financial Apps for Corporates

Person Holding Silver Android Smartphone

Taking the discussion further, we will tell you about the best financial apps to streamline your corporate finance.


Person Holding Pen

Quicken has been in the corporate business for many decades and is one of the most established and well-known software in the market! 

You may use this app to manage several aspects of your Best Financial Apps. It helps in creating budgets to track your debts, investment coaching, and saving goals. You may be surprised to hear that one of the advanced features of this best financial apps allows you to pay your bills. 

Quickens allow you to evaluate your assets and have a total calculation of your net worth. 

This app is robust enough to handle property management functions, such as rental payments. It can even manage your business and personal expenses with the starting price of $34.99 and available for Android, Windows, macOS.


Crop payroll clerk counting money while sitting at table

Mint is a very popular expense and budget tracking tool. 

This software can track your bank and credit card information to evaluate the money you are spending and can help you cut back on it. This is why mint is called the best financial app!

This app also enables you to set up alerts for due dates, low balance, and other things to keep you right on track. The most fantastic thing about this software is that it helps you avoid late payments and expensive fees. 

You can also set up budget categories. This will give you information about your account and how much you are spending on certain things like food and gas. 

Mint is free to use and download on Android devices, desktop, and iOS.


Crop anonymous person calculating profit on smartphone calculator near banknotes

If you are looking for the best financial app for budget building, then YNAB is the one!

YNAB is a personal finance software that aims towards helping financial literacy to manage the monthly budget of your organization. 

This software provides you with many tutorials to tackle the everyday financial problems a person in business could face. YNAB could be a great way to keep track of your account or if you are struggling with bad financial habits.

YNAB will link directly to your bank account and keep an eye o it. Not just that, it will even notify you when they catch you over spending. This app also offers a free 34 days trial for you to check if this app is right for you.

Other than that, the full software costs $11.99 every month and $84 for a year.


Mvelopes is the best financial app for budgeting!


The reason what makes Mvelopes the best budgeting app is that it helps you stick within your budget by using a traditional method. 

This traditional method involves envelopes and manages your money by putting the amount in those envelopes. 

Let’s say,

You keep $100 for guess every week, now put that amount in an envelop and name it “gas.”

Mvelops do the same thing for you, but digitally, it saves the given amount in an envelope, and that’s it! Whenever you want to go for gas, you will only be able to spend $100 a week.

The basic version of Mvelops starts at $6 per month and $55 for a year. Of course, the higher the price, the more benefits it comes with. 


TurboTax is a must have for people looking to manage their taxes throughout the entire year. 

This may not be the best financial app, but it can surely help you out with tax time. Well, maybe we can call it the best tax app. It walks you through your tax preparation and accurately files all your tax returns.

The procedure is very simple, you just have to enter your tax information, and you are good to go! 

If you have used TurboTax previously, it will remember all your personal information and ask if you want to make any significant changes. This software also connects you to a CPA or enrolled agent to provide personalized advice about your tax issues.

Personal Capital

To manage all your financial accounts in one single platform, where can a person go?

The answer is Personal Capital!

You can add your credit accounts, bank account, investment account, and mortgage all in one picture. People these days have multiple accounts, and this is why Personal Capital has come up with a way to let you access all of it at once. 

Now you know why Personal Capital is called the best financial app of 2021! 

You will be charged a fee if you want this service, but if you have a portfolio of more than $100,000, then you may get lucky.  Why?

This is because Personal Capital provides personalized financial advice for free on that amount of money!

Tiller Money

Tiller Money allows you to see all your money automatically in one place. It creates credit cards, investments, account data, and loans into one customizable excel template or Google sheet. 

You can customize your own sheet to suit your needs and organize your company’s data the way you want.  Along with that, it sends you an email every day with a summary of your balance and recent transactions. 

If you are thinking about the price of this best financial app, then let us tell you!

It costs around $79 per year or $6.59 every month, cheap, right? Yes, this may just be the most affordable software for you to get.

Now that you know the best financial apps, it may be easier for you to decide which one you want for your company.


We have mentioned 7 of the best financial apps for you to have the best experience. All you have to do is, read this blog and decide which can work the best for you. You may even check out each one of the software; some of them even offer a free trial. So, go ahead and figure out which one do you want!

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