5 Essential Items This Summer For Your French Bulldog

Being a Frenchie dog owner is not at all easy. It involves a lot of stress and tension. The fact that the French bulldogs have a tendency to overheat in summers is nothing new and this is something that has been a tension for the Frenchie owners for a long time.

5 Essential Items This Summer For Your French Bulldog

This is why summer is known to be the ones which season where utmost care should be provided to the French Bulldog. This makes it important for the owners to have the 5most important items with them in summer. This will help in ensuring that the Frenchie is able to have a good and healthy summer.

Water bottle

First of all, it is essential for the French bulldog owner to ensure that they carry a water bottle every time they are out with their Frenchie dog. Just like it is very important for human beings to be fully hydrated in summer the same goes for dogs and other animals.

It is very important for the dogs to be hydrated so that they do not overheat themselves. This can only be guaranteed if they are able to take in a lot of water. Being an owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is able to drink enough water.


A Frenchie dog washer should be carried along with you. Summer means a lot of excitement with water. You can make use of this washer both inside as well as outside. It is recommended for you to take along the washer so that a proper bath can be provided to the French bulldogs to keep them hydrated.

If you see that your Frenchie dog has overheated then this might be the best option to make them healthy once again. This washer can also be used to mix the shampoo with water so that a good bath can be given.

Life jacket

In case you have planned for swimming this summer, it is very important for you to carry a life jacket for your French bulldog. It is to be noted that swelling inside is not something that the Frenchie dog is uncomfortable with.

This is not at all their cup of tea which makes it very important for the owners to carry a life jacket so that they can help their dog have a good time in the swimming pool without being drowned. However, before you buy a life jacket you should ensure that the life jacket you are going for has all the necessary features.

Self-cooling pad

Summer is a time when one can just lie outside under the sun and tan themselves. This can be a lot more fun when your Frenchie dog is able to join you. With a self-cooling pad, you are now able to have a really good summer period with your favorite dog. There is no more attention to them being hydrated or not being provided with the correct amount of water and shade to be healthy. This can be used both outdoor and indoors.

Microfiber towel

If you have planned to spend some time on the beach or in your swimming pool then it is much better if you carry a microfiber towel for your French bulldog.

You will surely have a great summer with your buddy when you are able to provide them with a special towel. It is with the help of this towel that one is able to ensure that all the dirt that the fur of the Frenchie dog accumulates can be cleaned before they enter the room.

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